• Michael J. Lawler
Michael Lawler
2012 Smart Energy Building, Binghamton University, Vestel, NY 523 Clark Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Current Graduate Students

  • Gaurav Gyawali
Gaurav Gyawali
My research interest lies at the interesection of quantum computing and condensed matter physics. I am interested in developing novel quantum algorithms for both near-term and fault-tolerant quantum devices to understand how complex and exotic behaviors in condensed matter systems emerge from simple interactions among the electrons. I am currently working on variational quantum eigensolver(VQE) based algorithms for near-term quantum computers. However, the long term vision is to reach fault-tolerant quantum era, which requires quantum error correction. I am also interested in quantum error correction codes from the perspectives of both quantum computing and condensed matter Email Website
  • Po-Wei Lo
Po-Wei Lo
I am interested in strongly correlated systems in condensed matter physics, in particular, frustrated magnets. I am currently studying the topological properties of frustrated spin systems that relate classical mechanics to quantum magnets. My main focus is on the nonlinear mechanical zero modes that possess topological invariants or certain topological properties which can be related to exotic quantum phases of matter. The long-term goal is to establish a theory or an approach to study the unsolved quantum models by a simple picture in classical mechanics. Email
  • Eric Aspling
Eric Aspling
My name is Eric Aspling. I am a fourth-year PhD. student studying relativistic quantum information. A few of the other areas that I have studied include phononic vibrations in crystalline and amorphic structures, dark matter, and generalized particle statistics (parastatistics). My main interest is understanding time in the realm of quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. This problem has been haunting physicists for many decades and is reaching an exciting time in the era of quantum computing. In my free time, I communicate physics to the public in various mediums including live events with the World Science Festival and online streaming on Twitch and Youtube. You can find my various links here. Email
  • Kyle Sherman
  • Mabrur Ahmed
  • Chris Owen
  • Mohammad Haddad

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Tiago Sereno (Binghamton)
  • Philip Martin (Cornell)
  • Sonny Rappaport (Cornell)

Lawler Group Alumni

  • Luke Ellert Beck (Cornell Undergraduate)
  • Kaixiang Su (Peking University Visiting Undergraduate)
  • Krishanu Roychowdury (Cornell Postdoc)
  • Todd Rutkowski (Binghamton Graduate)
  • Patrick O’Brien (Binghamton Graduate)
  • Junping Shao (Binghamton Graduate)
  • Ian MacCormack (Cornell Undergraduate)
  • Benjamin Sung (Cornell Undergraduate)
  • Ashwathi Iyer (Cornell Undergraduate)
  • Nina Pikula (Binghamton Undergraduate)
  • Belinda Pang (Cornell Undergraduate)
  • Steven Collazos (Binghamton Undergraduate)
  • Junping Shao (Cornell Undergraduate, Binghamton Graduate)